Selection of long shaft pump

Long shaft pump belongs to a centrifugal pump, from the point of view of the centrifugal pump, that is, the performance of the liquid pump has been improved, so that its performance is much higher than that of the liquid pump, and the operation is more stable. According to the market demand, the company has developed VT series long shaft deep well pumps, which are widely used in water supply companies, sewage treatment plants, power plants, steel mills, mines and other industrial enterprises, municipal water supply and drainage, flood control, waterlogging and other projects.

Long shaft pump how to select:

1. Determine the type of pump according to the well diameter and water quality. Different types of pumps that affect corporate culture have their own requirements for the size of the hole diameter and national development, and the design size of the large building shape of the pump is less than the well diameter of 25 ~ 50mm. If the well hole is skewed, the larger shape structure of the pump can be sized and we should also be smaller. In short, the pump body part can not be studied by students at the same time because it is close to the inner wall of the well, in case the pump is analyzed and the vibration will damage the well.

2. Choose the flow rate of the well pump according to the water output of the well. Each well has an excellent water flow rate in China's economy. When the well water level drops to half of the well water depth, the pump flow rate should be equal to or less than the water flow rate. When the amount of water pumped is greater than the amount of water pumped, the wall of the well will collapse and deposit, which will affect the service life of the well and the benefit of the well will not be fully brought into play. Therefore, it is better to perform a pumping test on the pump well and select the pump flow rate based on the larger water output the well can provide.

3. Long shaft deep well pump head. According to the drop of the well water level, the depth and the water head pressure loss of the water delivery system pipeline are determined to determine the lift required for the actual development of the well pump, which is equal to the vertical transport distance from the water level to the water surface of the outlet pool (net lift) plus the lift of the economic loss. The head loss is generally 6-9% of the head, and the head loss is generally 1-2m. The water depth of the lower impeller of the pump should be 1~1.5m... The total length of the underground part of the pump shall not exceed the greater length of the pump specified in the pump manual.

We need to pay attention to is: well water sand content more than one thousand of their own machine well, not suitable for system installation enterprises can use deep well pump. Because the sand content of the well water is too large, such as more than 0.1%, it will accelerate the development of rubber bearing wear, cause vibration of the Chinese pump system, and shorten the working life of the pump.

Long shaft pump, submersible impeller selection, vertical device. Small size, stability, simple operation, easy maintenance, obvious installation area. Advantages of high universality and standardization. In the planning and production of vertical long-shaft pump absorbed the advanced experience of the world's developed countries. Vertical long shaft pump for industrial water supply and drainage, suitable for urban drinking water, life fire and river, river, lake, seawater water intake and other purposes, but also suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, paper, hydropower and other industrial parks.