Dry goods share, one minute to take you to understand the operation of the pump working principle

Middle open pump, also known as single stage double suction centrifugal pump, is characterized by large flow of conveying medium. What is the operating principle of the central pump? Let's take a look at this briefly:

The impeller of the medium-open pump is installed in the pump housing, fastened on the pump shaft, and is directly driven by the motor. There is a suction pipe connected to the center of the pump, the liquid through the bottom valve and suction pipe into the pump, the pump shell on the drain port and discharge pipe connected, when the pump speed is certain, the pressure head and flow related to the impeller diameter.

What are the ways to improve the efficiency of the central pump? Let's take a look at this briefly:

1. Use polymer composite materials. In the working process of the pump, the internal flow of water is affected by the friction between the channel and the impeller surface and the viscosity of the water itself. The energy consumed by the pump is mainly used to resist the friction of the water flow and the eddy resistance of the water surface. The energy consumed during water flow is used to overcome the internal friction and friction at the interface between water and equipment. If the surface of the pump and impeller is smooth (this appearance is called hydraulic smooth appearance), the surface resistance is small, low energy consumption, in the flow surface of the pump and the impeller spray polymer composite material to form a hydraulic smooth surface, the appearance of the ultra-smooth surface coating is 20 times that of polished stainless steel. This extremely smooth surface reduces the stratification of the fluid in the open pump, thereby reducing the turbulence in the pump, the volume loss and hydraulic loss in the open pump and the power consumption, to reduce the flow resistance loss, thereby improving its hydraulic efficiency, while mechanical efficiency and volumetry efficiency can also be improved to a certain extent. The density of the coating molecular structure can isolate the contact between air, water and other media and the impeller matrix material, limiting the electrochemical corrosion and corrosion, in addition, the nature of the polymer composite material is a polymer, with chemical corrosion resistance characteristics, can improve its corrosion resistance, can greatly enhance its erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Adopt new sealing technology. Some energy is lost in the working process, including mechanical wear, volume loss and hydraulic loss. Mechanical loss refers to the sealing friction of the shaft sleeve, bearing friction, impeller surface and liquid friction, etc. Super lubricant is used to reduce the sealing friction of the pump sleeve and bearing friction, thereby improving its efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is a special inert material that has a variety of uses, mainly for reducing the contact between metals. This material acts as a thread sealant, forming a contact surface between the external and internal threads to protect the joint from friction and wear, and can withstand pressure of 1407kg/cm2, even on worn, corroded or improperly machined thread surfaces. This product is also an excellent transmission additive, can form a film on the internal parts, thereby reducing friction, gear noise and leakage, but also significantly reduce the bending moment stress, to meet the needs of dynamic pressure reduction, can be used for the surface of the gasket or as a filler supplement, by sealing to prevent fluid leakage, it can be used at 316 ° C temperature.