R&D personnel

Technological research and development is the source of enterprise development. Adhering to the principle of "endless innovation and true knowledge from practice", our company continuously strengthens the construction of technical force, improves the level of design and research, and establishes a professional testing platform for pumps, which provides a good service for new product development, performance verification and improvement, and equipment reliability operation. Hardware environment. Annual R&D expenditure is millions, accounting for 10% of sales.

In order to improve the hydraulic performance of products, the company insists on two directions of comprehensive application and optimization. One is to analyze the imported model through CFD technology and optimize the hydraulic performance. After product development and validation, it will be used as optimization to improve operational efficiency. The other is to entrust relevant universities, research institutes or joint development of new products, and use CFD technology. The technology simulates and analyses the newly designed model, produces the prototype after optimization design, carries on the performance test, and formally goes into production after finalization.



Efficient and Energy-saving Products (Design Innovation)

Using the latest computer hydrodynamic analysis technology (CFD) and advanced hydraulic models at home and abroad, the real application of CFD and three-dimensional technology to ensure that all products have excellent energy-saving and reliable performance.