Our company has been carrying out total quality management since its establishment, adhering to the tenet of "quality first, customer first", and taking quality management as the core of enterprise management. The company has set up a quality management committee headed by the general manager and a total quality management office, which is responsible for the daily affairs of OME production base quality management. Testing every quality control work of OME production base, including laboratory, metering room, physical laboratory, pump laboratory and process inspection, meets the needs of production and operation, and ensures product quality.

In recent years, our company combines the total quality management with the implementation of ISO 9001 standard and the establishment of quality assurance system, which improves the overall quality of our company and achieves double bumper harvest of quality and benefit.

Establish and improve quality assurance system and quality responsibility system

In order to strengthen the internal management of enterprises and ensure the stability and improvement of product quality, our company adopted ISO 9001 series standards on the basis of the original implementation of total quality management. According to our company's production and operation situation, we choose to adopt ISO 9001 Quality System - Quality Assurance Model of Production, Installation and Service, establish quality assurance system, and revise quality manual and procedure documents. According to the ISO 9001 guarantee mode, we control the whole process of product quality formation, from market research to product design, from production planning to material procurement, from material storage to material delivery, from parts manufacturing to finished product delivery, and other quality links, all have clearly defined the requirements and methods of quality management, and established 14 quality management links. Quality assurance subsystem. At present, the company is an enterprise certified by ISO 9001 Quality Certification Center.