How to choose a chemical process pump?

As a key equipment of chemical process, chemical process pump is also more and more people's attention, due to the complex characteristics of chemical media, as well as the continuous improvement of user requirements, as a manufacturer, how should we choose? What should we focus on? And so on is particularly important. Let's take a look at how to choose the chemical process pump? The selection of commonly used chemical pump is briefly reviewed, hoping to help colleagues in this field to do better work.

First, the cooling problem of chemical process pump

The transportation of high temperature media puts forward higher requirements for the structure, materials and auxiliary system of the pump. Let's talk about the cooling requirements of different temperature changes and the pump type applicable to the company:

1, for the temperature of the medium below 120 ° C, usually do not set up a special cooling system, the use of its own medium for lubrication and cooling. For media that are easy to crystallize or contain particles, a sealing surface flushing line should be equipped.

2, for the medium above 120 ° C and within 300 ° C, there should generally be a cooling chamber in the pump cover, and the sealing chamber should also be connected with the coolant. When the coolant is not allowed to enter the medium, it should be cooled after taking its own medium.

3, for the high temperature medium above 300℃, not only the pump head part needs to be cooled, the suspension bearing room should also be set up cooling system, pump structure is generally the center support form, mechanical seal using metal bellows, but the price is higher.

Second, the sealing problem of chemical process pump

No leakage is the eternal pursuit of chemical equipment, and it is this requirement that has contributed to the increasing expansion of magnetic pumps and shield pumps. Magnetic pump isolation sleeve and shielding pump shielding sleeve life, material corrosion problems, static seal reliability, etc. The details are as follows:

1, the sealing form is static seal, usually only two forms of gasket and seal ring, and seal ring and O-ring is widely used. For the dynamic seal, the packing seal of the chemical pump is rarely used to use the mechanical seal, and the mechanical seal has one side and two sides. The balanced type is suitable for the sealing of high pressure media, the double end sealer is used for the medium with high temperature and toxic volatility including particles, and the double end confidential seal should be injected into the sealing cavity.

2, sealing materials chemical pump static sealing materials generally use fluorine rubber, special cases use polytetrafluoroethylene material; The material configuration of the mechanical seal ring is more critical, not cemented carbide on the cemented carbide, on the one hand, the price is high, there is no hardness difference is unreasonable, so it should be treated differently according to the characteristics of the medium.

Third, chemical process pump corrosion resistance problem

For a long time, corrosion is one of the hazards of chemical equipment headache, a little careless, light damage equipment, heavy accidents, and even cause disaster. In the selection of chemical pump should pay attention to the scientific selection of materials.