DYP vortex non-clogging pump

DYP pump is the latest product developed by our company on the basis of the advanced technology of Ebara Manufacturing Company in Japan. The impeller of the pump recedes in the pump chamber behind the pressure chamber. When the impeller rotates, through flow and circulating flow are formed in the bladeless chamber in front of the impeller.


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Product Overview

DYP pump is the latest product developed by our company on the basis of the advanced technology of Ebara Manufacturing Company in Japan. The impeller of the pump recedes in the pump chamber behind the pressure chamber. When the impeller rotates, through flow and circulating flow are formed in the bladeless chamber in front of the impeller.

The through flow enters the pump chamber through the flow channel between the impeller blades and exits, and the circulating flow circulates in the bladeless cavity. Because the middle of the circulation flow is a low pressure area, solid particles fall into this area in the eddy current driven outflow, so most of the solid material can not go through the impeller and directly from the loadless cavity, the pump because of the use of complete eddy current shape, the gap between the impeller and the pump shell and the discharge diameter is the same, therefore, this pump for sewage, sludge and fiber and so on has excellent non-blocking performance. The pump has high efficiency, low vibration, stable operation, impeller inlet has the role of stirring foreign matter, so it has good cavitation performance. It can transport sewage, sludge, dirt and high concentration of slurry, and the maximum particles contained in the liquid shall not be greater than the spit diameter. The medium temperature is 0℃ ~ 80℃, the allowable inlet pressure is 0.29MPa(3kgf/cm2), and the maximum use pressure is 0.629MPa(7kgf/cm2). The performance parameters listed in this catalog are experimentally obtained under normal temperature water (specific gravity is 1).



Non-clogging vortex Pump Features

No blockage: Concave impeller in operation, can ensure that the medium without obstruction through the pump housing transport, therefore, can allow the medium does not exceed the maximum size of the pump inlet solid particles through smoothly, without causing the danger of blocking the pipe mouth.

◆ Improve hydraulic efficiency: The unique design of the vortex pump forms an axial flow channel inside the pump housing to ensure that solid particles in the medium can quickly and smoothly pass through the pump housing and reduce internal recirculation, thereby reducing the negative impact on hydraulic efficiency and pump life.

◆ Low medium wear: Due to the free flow of liquid through the pump housing, the fluid and the impeller are isolated, only 15% of the medium and the impeller are in direct contact. Fragile solids such as crystals, carbon compounds etc. pass through the pump chamber with very low damage. It is particularly suitable for applications with low shear stress where the medium is required.

◆ Simple design: Due to the hydraulic center of the blade in the pump housing and its simple open design, the radial loading force on the spindle and bearing is very small. Even in the case of extreme wear of the impeller, due to its coaxial reasons, it will not affect the mechanical balance of the vortex pump.

◆ Low operating costs: Because the hydraulic efficiency of the vortex pump has been improved, it consumes less power than the average vortex pump. This gentle pumping method also makes the service life of the pump and spare parts much longer, greatly reducing operating costs.

◆ Reliability: This strong and simple design, together with the right material selection can guarantee its long service life. Time has proven that vortex pumps require fewer spare parts than other brands of centrifugal pumps.

◆ Standardized specifications: In order to realize the exchange of product parts between pumps of different sizes and designs, vortex pumps use standard specifications of spare parts to minimize the number of spare parts.

Parameter range:

◆ Flow: 36∽480m3/h

◆ Head: 10∽60m

◆ Working temperature: 0 ° C ∽80 ° C

◆ Steering: From the direction of the driving end, the pump rotates clockwise

◆ Allowable inlet pressure: 0.29MPa

Model Description:

Example: DYP80× 50-A

◆DY: Changsha Daoyuan Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., LTD

◆P: non-clogging vortex pump

◆80: pump inlet diameter of 80mm

◆50: pump outlet diameter 50mm

◆A: impeller first cut


Structure type

The pump is horizontal installation, horizontal axial suction, vertical upward discharge, pump body foot support, the rotor can be extracted from the back of the pump body, no need to disassemble the pipeline and pump during maintenance. Shaft seal type adopts packing seal.

Material of main parts:

Carbon steel, high complex steel (Cr26 alloy, Cr27Ni5, A49(Cr30+Ni, Cu, Mo)), 304, 316, 316L, CD4Mcu, 2205, 2507, 904L, etc., can also be selected according to user needs other materials.

Complete range:

Complete supply of pump, motor and base.

Main Purpose

◆ Metallurgical dressing: Pickling process

◆ Automotive industry: coating paints, emulsions, grinding cutting fluids and corundum pulp, emulsifiable oils and fine iron chips, paint sludge, solvent-based/water-soluble primers, concrete sludge, phosphate sludge.


Sugar industry: beets, beetroot, leaves and water plants; 95 ℃ lime milk, lime (milk) residue from settling tank, diatomaceous earth, unscreened sugar juice.

◆ Construction industry: aerated concrete mud, sand, gravel, stone and marble dust and other aqueous solutions, phenolic oil solutions.

◆ Textile industry: natural and man-made fibers, woolen dyes, fiber wastewater, wool washing.

Mining industry: sand, gravel, landslides, lake and harbor cleaning.

◆ Fiber industry: fiber cement mud, asbestos, leather fiber, glass fiber, textile fiber, nitrocellulose.


◆ Power station: dust, dust screen mud

◆ Chemical industry: crystal suspensions, fiber mud, latex, polystyrene aqueous solution, 50% soda solution, hot brine, washing powder slurry, zinc slurry, suspended coatings, bicarbonate slurry, catalytic sludge, etc.


◆ Iron and steel industry: scale, ash mud, coke and coal-water mixture, suspended borax.

◆ Shipbuilding industry: sewage pumps, cabin drainage pumps, fish waste

Petrochemical industry: sewage, catalytic slurry, oil containing carbonic acid, drilling sludge, raw coke tar.

Paper industry: uncleaned waste paper, grass pulp, rag pulp, hot ground pulp, 80% China clay, bagasse, tail slag, pulper slag.

Wastewater treatment: unfiltered sewage, untreated sludge, treated sludge, grid channel pumps, slaughterhouse wastewater, all municipal and industrial wastewater, granular activated carbon.


DYP type eddy current non-clogging pump performance parameter table




DYP vortex non-clogging pump

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