Use and installation of long shaft pumps

The long shaft pump determines the maintenance project according to the data of the operation technology development status monitoring system, carries out preventive inspection according to the cycle management, and analyzes, repairs or replaces the defective parts enterprises. Disassembly and replacement of major components should meet the main maintenance quality standards.

The main maintenance items, contents and quality of the long shaft pump are: 1. Scale removal, rust removal, non-processed surface can be coated with non-toxic waterproof anti-rust paint. 2. Cooling water holes, pressure gauge holes, and exhaust holes should be unblocked. 3. When the erosion thickness exceeds 1/3 of the original wall thickness, repair or replace the wall or guide vane of the housing. 4. Shape and matching tolerance meet the requirements of drawing information technology development. 5. After the impeller is repaired or replaced with a new impeller, the static balance test should be carried out, and the allowable deviation of the static balance on the large diameter of the impeller should be consistent with the current one. 6. After removing the static unbalanced weight, the grinding is uniform and smooth, and the large grinding thickness shall not exceed 1/3 of the thickness of the original cover plate. 7. The matching tolerance of the closed impeller and shaft meets the matching requirements of H8\u002Fh7 in the current national standard "Tolerance and Matching". 8. The taper of the semi-open impeller and the cone should be consistent, and the contact building area should not be less than 60% of the area used by the enterprise. 9. Closed impeller for sealing ring and impeller can cooperate with the operation of the working gap, single-stage double suction centrifugal and water pump should comply with national regulations; Long shaft pumps and well submersible pumps shall comply with legal provisions. When the wear time exceeds the gap specified in the table by more than 50%, the new sealing ring should be replaced.

Long shaft pump New liquid pump: no adjustment after installation. No maintenance is required during operation during the designed service life.

Long shaft hydraulic pump: axial thrust bearing mode. When the pump is driven by an ordinary vertical motor, the weight and axial thrust of the pump rotor are borne by thrust bearings mounted on the upper part of the pump. When the pump can be designed to use a vertical motor with thrust and Chinese bearings for innovative drive, the pump can withstand the thrust bearing enterprise in the motor by analyzing the weight of the rotor and the axial thrust. When the pump is driven by the right Angle gear box, the weight and axial thrust of the pump rotor are borne by the thrust bearing installed in the right Angle gear box. Thrust and bearing lubrication: Thrust calculation bearings are usually lubricated with thin oil (small pumps can also be lubricated with a grease). The cooling jacket can be arranged outside the bearing body to allow cooling water to cool the oil temperature. Guide bearing lubrication: If the medium transported by the pump is clean liquid, the guide bearing transport medium can be directly used for lubrication. External pressure water lubrication: If the medium transported by the pump contains a small amount of impurities, it is necessary to obtain clean water from the outside to lubricate the pressure (the pump uses an automatic closing seal system, which automatically closes the seal system to prevent impurities from entering the guide bearing when the pump is closed). Installation working mode: Generally through the pump unit installed in the same economic base layer.