Enterprise profile

Changsha Daoyuan Smart Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is the main body of Changsha Daoyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. As a high starting point and specialized energy-saving service company, the company came into being under the policy background of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and creating contract energy management service mode. The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in energy-saving technology and product research and development of fluid conveying system, and providing high-quality energy-saving services in accordance with the contract energy management model (EPC), with registered capital of RMB 50 million.

The company provides users with customized energy-saving pumps, according to the actual needs of users, tailor-made more suitable, more intimate, more professional energy-saving diagnosis and energy-saving renovation service program, for users to develop high-efficiency energy-saving pump products suitable for the site conditions.

Technical support of the company. With the technical support of professional energy-saving pump research institute, laboratory, and strategic partners of pump manufacturing enterprises, we can design and manufacture various types of products, use the most advanced three-dimensional fluid analysis technology and CFD technology to analyze the flow field of hydraulic components and runners, and combine with the modern data of Daoyuan Smart Fluid. Structural model, optimization of pump hydraulic design and structural design, so as to design energy-saving pumps in line with the actual needs of customers.

The company's business areas include power plants, steel plants, water supply companies, sewage treatment plants, petroleum, petrochemical, mining and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as municipal water supply and drainage projects, agricultural irrigation, flood control and waterlogging drainage projects, etc. Its core users are industrial and mining smelting enterprises. In more than 10 years of technical practice, the reputation of users in industrial and mining enterprises is very high. "Daoyuan" has established the customized characteristic technology transformation brand in industrial and mining enterprises.

The company constantly pursues to better provide customized energy-saving services for users, good after-sales service to reduce maintenance risks for users, to help users maximize the reduction of production energy consumption as the pursuit, to "be a real expert in fluid conveying system energy-saving" as its responsibility, and to continuously share energy-saving results with customers to achieve strategies. Win win.

Changsha Daoyuan Intelligent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. relies on solid technical strength, excellent products, appropriate customer needs and systematic solutions to create professional, fast, efficient and first-class energy-saving services for each customer. We are willing to work with all sectors of society to jointly promote energy-saving undertakings and benefit mankind. To create a better future.