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Water Intake System

Water Intake System

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Modular floating water intake system is a floating water intake pumping station system developed by our company in terms of water diversion and water conveyance in rivers or lakes. Considering the actual situation of users and relying on the continuous innovation of science and technology, it can change with the water level, ensure that the water intake level remains unchanged and achieve long-term continuous water supply. The appearance of the products solves the problem of relying on the surrounding area in the past. The water supply of pumping house for weir construction is inconvenient due to water level limitation, high capital investment, long period and poor water quality. Modular floating water intake system has the advantages of high water quality, low construction cost, simple operation, and much higher economic benefits than traditional pumping stations. Compared with floating ship (dock) pumping station system, it also has the advantages of low cost, short construction period, safe use and no need for ship class certification.